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Almost two years since my last entry.

I googled my username and up popped this old account.

So much has changed.

I've loved and lost and left uni and gotten a job testing games and that's about it.  So not much has changed then, really.

I don't have friends anymore.  But to be honest I don't really want friends.  In my experience they backstab and lie and pretend and only do things for their gain.  That's drama I don't want, so I suppose I've becoming rather cold and cynical and unforgiving when it comes to cutting people out of my life.  I don't regret losing any of them.

I'm still living in Derby.  Currently with my ex boyfriend which is rather painful.  I never realised how love could be until I found him.  And I never knew a heart could break until he left me.

I lead such a sad existence these days.

Ciao  x 

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I have noticed the absence of your fine self on my Facebook young lady (who may or may not be slightly my elder - irrelevant) and I hope you're keeping well despite what is clearly an uncomfortable situation. :(

Catchup on Skype sometime? - lihiro118

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